Returns the 20 next departures from all bus and/or train stops and sends you updates as they are processed by our engine.

Resource URL



The response will be formatted as a JSON.

Object properties

Key Type Possible values Description
id string {id} Id of the departure
type string - 'train'
- 'bus'
type of transportation
trainId string - {trainId}
train id (null on busses)
line string - {line}
bus or train line (currently null for all trains as info is missing on Verkéiersverbond API)
lineId string {lineId} bus or train line identifier (can be used to map departure to a line)
number integer {number} number given by Verkéiersverbond. Do not trust it to be unique
departure integer {departure} calculated real life departure of train/bus in Unix time
delay integer {delay} offset between {departure} and scheduled departure in seconds
live boolean - true
- false
wether live data is available for the given train/bus or not
departureISO string {departureISO} calculated real life departure of train/bus in ISO 8601 time
destination string {destination} name of destination
destinationId integer - {destinationId}
id of destination as found on /StopPoint/{id} or NULL if unknown

Sample channel & response


    "type": "new",
    "data": {
        "8001267": [],
        "8001340": [],
        "220902004": [{
            "id": "1|1533|8|82|16032017",
            "type": "bus",
            "trainId": null,
            "lineId": "4:TIC---:13",
            "line": "13",
            "number": 180,
            "departure": 1489658400,
            "delay": 0,
            "live": true,
            "departureISO": "2017-03-16T11:00:00+01:00",
            "destination": "Esch/Alzette, Gare",
            "destinationId": 220402034
        }, {
            "id": "1|1968|2|82|16032017",
            "type": "bus",
            "trainId": null,
            "lineId": "3:RGM---:212",
            "line": "212",
            "number": 1182,
            "departure": 1489658520,
            "delay": 0,
            "live": false,
            "departureISO": "2017-03-16T11:02:00+01:00",
            "destination": "Luxembourg, Monterey Parc",
            "destinationId": 200405004
        } {


Please refer to StopPoint/Departures for information about the train and bus departures data licensing.


Made by Daniel Duton & Thierry Degeling from ION Network Solutions.

Sponsored by Digital Lëtzebuerg.

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