GET Airport/Arrivals

Returns the upcoming airplane arrivals from LuxAirport.

Resource URL


The response will be formatted as a JSON.

Object properties

Key Type Possible values Description
id integer {id} Id of the arrival
airline string {airline} Airline
flight string {flight} Flight number
destination string {destination} Destination
via string -{via}
If there is an intermediate stop, this value will tell you that location
scheduled integer {scheduled} Time at which the arrival is scheduled
real integer -{real}
Real time of the arrival
status string -{status}
Status of the arrival
statusCode integer -{statusCode} StatusCode of the arrival (refer to for LuxAirport's documentation on this)

Sample request & response


    "id": 37087,
    "airline": "LUXAIR",
    "flight": "LG9472",
    "destination": "Berlin-Tegel",
    "via": null,
    "scheduled": 1491381600,
    "real": 1491382200,
    "status": "Expected",
    "statusCode": 9
}, {
    "id": 37129,
    "airline": "TAP - Air Portugal",
    "flight": "TP694",
    "destination": "Lisbon",
    "via": null,
    "scheduled": 1491387300,
    "real": 1491388200,
    "status": "Expected",
    "statusCode": 9
}, {
    "id": 37148,
    "airline": "Ryanair",
    "flight": "FR5054",
    "destination": "Madrid",
    "via": null,
    "scheduled": 1491387600,
    "real": 1491387900,
    "status": "Expected",
    "statusCode": 9
}, {


Please refer to Airport for information about the Airport data licensing.


Made by Daniel Duton & Thierry Degeling from ION Network Solutions.

Sponsored by Digital Lëtzebuerg.

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