GET BikePoint/{ID}

Returns the current state one single shared bike point requested by the ID parameter.


Parameter Example value Description
id velok:1 Id string of shared bike point as found in GET /BikePoint

Resource URL{ID}


The response will be formatted as a GeoJSON Feature.

Object properties

Key Type Possible values Description
id string {provider}:{number} id of the shared bike point (built from provider and id of provider)
open boolean - true
- false
status of the shared bike point (open or closed)
name string {name} name of the shared bike point (often a POI next to the station or the street name)
city string - {city}
city in which shared bike point is located (can be null if not provided)
address string {address} street address of shared bike point
photo string - {photo}
photo of the shared bike point (only provided by velok for now)
docks integer {docks} total amount of docks
available_bikes integer {available_bikes} amount of available bikes which are of type manual
available_ebikes integer {available_ebikes} amount of available bikes which are of type electric
available_docks integer {available_docks} amount of free docks at shared bike point
last_update integer - {last_update}
last update of the data from the shared bike point in Unix time (milliseconds), NULL means realtime
dock_status array array of single dock statuses
dock_status.status string - 'free'
- 'occupied'
status of specific dock, can be free or occupied
dock_status.bikeType string - 'manual'
- 'electric'
type of bike attached to dock, NULL if dock is free

Sample request & response


    "type": "Feature",
    "geometry": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [5.98276, 49.49473]
    "properties": {
        "id": "velok:1",
        "open": true,
        "name": "Avenue de la Gare",
        "city": "Esch-sur-Alzette",
        "address": "Coin Rue de l’Alzette",
        "photo": "",
        "docks": 7,
        "available_bikes": 4,
        "available_ebikes": 0,
        "available_docks": 3,
        "last_update": null,
        "dock_status": [{
            "status": "occupied",
            "bikeType": "manual"
        }, {
            "status": "free",
            "bikeType": null
        }, {
            "status": "occupied",
            "bikeType": "manual"
        }, {
            "status": "free",
            "bikeType": null
        }, {
            "status": "occupied",
            "bikeType": "manual"
        }, {
            "status": "free",
            "bikeType": null
        }, {
            "status": "occupied",
            "bikeType": "manual"


Please refer to Bikepoint for information about the shared bike point data licensing.


Made by Daniel Duton & Thierry Degeling from ION Network Solutions.

Sponsored by Digital Lëtzebuerg.

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